Drone Vegetation Monitoring

Drones provide an important innovation in vegetation monitoring. By attaching a multispectral of hyperspectral NIR (near infrared) camera to a drone it is possible to map the health of crops. By manipulating the obtained images, we are able to determine the weak spots or diseases like mold in the vegetation. Using the right sensors, soil quality, composition and humidity can be determined. Changes in vegetation health over a specific period of time can also be mapped. Agronomists make more and more use of drone technology for crop monitoring. The spraying of pesticides can be more targeted and less frequent, reducing costs and pollution of the environment (soil and groundwater).


  • Unlike satellite images, drones are able to make detailed maps of relatively smaller areas.
  • The use of drones makes the technology more accessible due to the much lower costs compared to manned flights.
  • Less environmental pollution caused by the spraying of pesticides.


  • Infrared (IR) spectrometry
  • Infrared (IR) thermography

Geothermal Drone Research

Thermal Infrared Remote sensing (TIR) or IR thermography makes it possible to measure differences in temperature from a distance, using the infrared radiation emitted by the soil, buildings or water surfaces, but also by hot springs, geysers, and volcanic activity. TIR is a valuable method for the research of surface geothermal activity. The technology can be applied in the research of new geothermal wells, but also for monitoring existing geothermal plants.

Advantages of drone usage in TIR are:

  • The technology can also be applied in areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to access.
  • Lower costs compared to the use of manned planes or helicopters
  • Drones can map large areas. Subsequently, more targeted research can take place.
  • Higher accuracy and lower costs compared to satellite data.


  • Infrared (IR) Thermography


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