Agronomists spend hours if not multiple days walking through fields trying to identify problem areas or plants under stress. The utilization of drones in the agriculture industry is taking precision agriculture practices to the next level. When it comes to inspecting and mapping a field there is a variety of hardware options.¬†While most begin with… Read More

Drone Vegetation Monitoring Drones provide an important innovation in vegetation monitoring. By attaching a multispectral of hyperspectral NIR (near infrared) camera to a drone it is possible to map the health of crops. By manipulating the obtained images, we are able to determine the weak spots or diseases like mold in the vegetation. Using the… Read More

The Problem Industries Are Facing Airborne surveys traditionally done by manned fixed winged aircraft are expensive and logistically complex. This often means that for relatively small projects traditional airborne surveys are not an option. Our approach is to eliminate what makes these surveys so expensive and complex by using lightweight unmanned aircrafts. We now make… Read More

The American Farm landscape reflects the diversity of the American people and the richness of its natural resources. It is a productive landscape, supplying the food needs of its own population and exporting food products to many of the countries of the world.… Read More